About Us

Detonics Defense was built and started in 1976. Since then, our company has been an innovator in the firearms’ industry. We became successful selling our products which are all pistols back then. Many companies have been interested buying from us though they said that we were lacking on something or other. Because of those reviews, we ended up doing more advancements and developed more firearms other than pistols. We thought that other weapons are the things we were lacking and we were glad that we’ve actually addressed this problem.

More companies tried to contact us since then and buyers from all over the world kept coming. Although we succeeded before, making more firearms definitely helped us a lot more. It boosted our company to the top and many dealers became interested in our items. Now, we don’t just sell in the United States but our firearms are sold in other countries as well.

Although we felt glad for the success, our team couldn’t help but think of something to help other people too and to serve non-professionals in this industry. Many people have been coming to our headquarters to show interest in our innovations. To pay them back, we decided to give details about these firearms and people loved that service we gave.

Detonics Defense also thought of giving these people an easier chance to have firearms licenses and use the weapons they buy legally for their own safety. Since most people use weapon illegally nowadays, our company thought it’ll be a great idea to do so. We’ve helped many non-professional users of firearms since then.

We are always happy to recommend shooting ranges and companies that will train our customers to use their firearms and other weapons legally. Safety is always important and it can be really dangerous to let these people use firearms when most of them don’t know how to use it. It is our privilege to continue giving services and products to all of you.