How can I purchase from your company?

You can purchase by visiting our online shop. Look for weapons that will catch your interest or is perfect for what you need and simply buy from this website. Send us an email if you want to know more details or information about the weapons. Although buying from this site is easy, you can also visit us personally in our headquarters and see the weapons you can choose from. Many people prefer to visit and choose from the headquarters so we suggest you do that if you’d like to.

Do you really recommend good shooting ranges and companies that can train us for using firearms?

Yes, we recommend a lot of companies that are guaranteed trustworthy. Since we want our clients to be more satisfied, we’d like to offer them suggestions and recommendations of our partner companies they should rely on. Many people liked this service so we continue doing this until now. If you are interested in training as well, kindly proceed to our recommendation section and look for a company that will suit you the best.

Do you still sell pistols like before?

Yes, we have a great amount of pistols in our company. Though we have many developed equipment, we still do sell those pistols we offered from before. We also started as a business that only have those guns so we want to keep it that way while developing more weapons.