Detonics Defense offers great quality and amount of firearms and weapons. For the past few years, many companies have been trying to contact us and make a deal. Although we became successful in this industry, we’d still like to give our services to all of you.


We started this business in 1976 and we are known as the company that sells a great deal of pistols. Though many have been satisfied with our products, it still can’t be helped that we were missing on something. That’s the other firearms and weapons we thought to develop and offer to all of you. More of these equipment were made and soon, we sold not just handguns but long guns, machine guns and many more. Companies from all over the world started to reach out to us once again.

Licensed Firearms

We intend to help our clients to get their license in term of using and buying firearms. It is our mission to make everything legal especially that this business is not easy and can be dangerous. It’s also important for us to make sure that the clients who buy from us are obligated to get a license before getting their own firearms. Also, it been worrisome that a lot of people nowadays buy dangerous weapons that aren’t licensed and aren’t legal. For the safety of both our clients and the people around them, we make sure to use precautionary measures.

Shooting ranges and training company recommendations

Our company is in partnership with many businesses that concerns firearms. To make our clients more satisfied, anyone is free to see those companies that offers shooting ranges and can train you how to protect yourself and use firearms. It became a huge help for non-professionals who wanted to learn not only their protection and safety. We suggest you should try it out too and learn how you can protect yourself from danger.