A local group trying to address gun violence through a play

“We have a lot of shootings in Richmond County, and I say a lot,” said Bowen. “We’ve had somewhere around 36 shootings, to me that’s a lot.” It’s an issue that Coroner Bowen is trying tackle, and the mini-theater wants to help. The students are rehearsing for the annual play “All God’s Children Got Guns.” The writer says the play touches on scenarios on why some of the violence exists. “If you have a gun, you may pull that gun, thinking this person has one,” explained Augusta Mini-Theatre Founder, Tyrone J. Butler. “What happens is that you may shoot yours, and this person never had a gun.” “We tell them, once you go on that stage and start talking about issues, you have to be those issues,” said Butler. “You can’t go against those issues. Because there are a hundred or thousand people who may see this play.”wjbf.com “It’s a good experience to come see it,” said Bauer-Brown. “It also gets the message out there about gun violence. But it’s not only the guns, but it’s also the people who own the guns.” “Yeah I was looking at those guys last night,” said Frederick Grant. There’s a glimmer of hope for the alcohol industry in Columbia County. The Destination Retail Incentive Policy lists breweries and distilleries as places of businesses eligible for help from the county.